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    Jim, the "Frugal Greek" was born in Greece. His family moved to the Chicago area prior to his 4th birthday, where he stayed until he & his wife moved to Florida in early 2018.

    His heritage & upbringing gave him the passion to always help or improve people's lives.  He's been involved in the car selling business (dealerships, & his own) for over 30 years.

    Many salespeople (or advisors) have plenty to talk about.  More than necessary.  Trying to impress?  Not sure, but most people just want quick answers, not stories.  Jim says: " I've learned early on; to be a successful advisor, and have a loyal following, you need to become a great listener, and work diligently on helping others achieve their goals".   "Today, it's become a natural instinct of mine (works wonders in my personal life, as well)". 

    Want to experience the expertise of the "Frugal Greek" for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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